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The Problem

Getting a loan can be tough, time-consuming, and sometimes even nerve-wracking. Perhaps you’ve asked yourself about where you can get the best interest rates. Maybe you’ve even thought about skipping the loan and saving up to pay cash.

Sadly, that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to making the decision to finance. But don’t worry, there is a better way…the Tow Dough way.

The Solution

Tow Dough isn’t an expert in financing, we are experts in financing tow trucks. We know and understand the worries and frustrations of trying to get a traditional loan. Because of that, we have eliminated the red tape, kicked down the doors, and told traditional lending where to go (hint…it’s¬†somewhere hot). Tow Dough’s primary goal is fast, easy, hassle-free tow truck financing.

It’s because of this simple yet powerful goal we created a solid network of lenders who are ready to do business with existing tow truck companies. You don’t have to worry about shopping for rates and terms anymore, with the Tow Dough experience, you have lenders fighting for your business.

When you need tow truck financing, or you’re searching for a lease agreement you can agree on, Tow Dough wants to make sure get the financing you need. Because of this, you can focus on the best cash price when you buy from your tow truck dealer.

We want you to save money and make money, that’s just another part of the Tow Dough experience.

Tow Dough


The Tow Dough Experience

What Is The Tow Dough Experience?

A streamlined, simple way to get your next tow truck loan


Fill out the secure online application and you’re on your way. We can get you an approval within 24 hours, oftentimes 6-12 hours. If we have any questions about your application, we’ll contact you.


Once you’re approved, you can shop with confidence that you’ll get the best cash price when you find the right truck. If you already have a truck and dealer selected, things move even faster.


Make it happen! When you have picked out the tow truck you want, and you’re ready to buy, Tow Dough will get the funds to the dealer so you can put your new tow truck to work right away.

Tow Trucks We Finance

We Finance Both New and Used Tow Trucks
Wreckers We finance new and used wreckers
Wheel Lift We Finance Wheel Lift Tow Trucks
Rollbacks and Flats We finance Rollback and Flatbed Trucks
Integrated We finance the big guys too

A Few Of The Brands We Finance

If it’s used and in good condition, there’s a good chance we can finance it