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Best Cash Price

Buy with confidence and get the best cash price on your next tow truck purchase when you have a preapproval.

Free Up Cash Flow

Take advantage of small monthly payments while putting the money earned from you next truck back in the bank.

Hassle Free Financing

You’re not a customer…You’re a partner. Save your precious time with our hassle-free, minimum effort tow truck financing experience.

Tow Truck Financing Couldn’t Be Easier

Follow these simple steps to get your next tow truck loan

Fill out the quick and easy application

on our website

Submit your application – Then let Tow Dough do the work of reaching out to our network of lenders and have banks compete for your business.

Once Approved, Tow Dough

will contact you to clear up the details

Upon approval, Tow Dough will contact you with you the details of your tow truck loan pre-approval and what to do next.

Next, Just Head To The Dealer And Get Your Tow Truck

Fast, Simple, and Hassle-Free

If you have a truck and dealer picked out, Tow Dough can get them their money fast. If you don’t, no worries, take your approval and start shopping.

Tow Dough is the right choice for you’re company if:

You′ve Been in Business for 2 or More Years

Towing companies that have been in business for two or more years are welcome to apply.

Your Business is located in the U.S.

We support and finance our American Towers. #staysafe

Have Good Credit

While we would love to help everyone, financing can be risky business and banks have certain credit requirements we must adhere to. Startups should have credit score of at least 700.

No Recent Bankrupty

We understand that life happens, and it sucks. But to save you time, if you’ve filed bankruptcy in the past X years

Have Financing Documents in Order

If you haven’t already grabbed it, download our FREE checklist showing what information you’ll need to finish your loan.

You are ready to buy

We help those in the market and shopping around, but if you aren’t sure if you’re ready to buy, perhaps it would be better to join our newsletter and get more information to help you make a more informed decision. You can join our newsletter by clicking here.

Why people choose us

We offer a fast, easy, hassle-free way of getting tow truck financing

Best Loan For Your Business

Tow Dough has built a network of banks ready to finance your next tow truck. This means you don’t have to shop around for a lender because the banks will be competing for your business.

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Speed of Service

We move at the speed of business and business never stops. Approvals can happen as fast as 15 minutes, but always same day. Dealers can get same day payment which means you can put your next tow truck to work that much faster.

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A True Tow Truck Financing Experience

From beginning to end, Tow Dough will be your guide and your partner in helping you secure the best tow truck loan for your company. Whether you’re expanding your fleet or replacing outdated equipment, Tow Dough will be available to help you along the way.

Let’s Do This

Tow Truck Loans

the way they should be.

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